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Georgetown College Maskrafters Take on T-Rex

Submitted on November 4, 2021

The Georgetown College Maskrafters will present a play this week and next at Ruth Pearce Wilson Lab Theatre on the College’s campus.

The play, Tammy (A Coming of Age Story About a Girl Who Is Part T-Rex), is a comedy by Julia Weiss that has been described as a satirical mix of Boy Meets World meets Jurassic Park.

Set in a 1990s American middle school, the play captures the trauma, and drama common to the teen years with a generous sprinkling of “goofs” to delight a range of emotions.

“If you’re nostalgic for the young and innocent days of middle school, Tammy: The Coming of (Age Story About a Girl Who Is Part T-Rex) should cure you of any such disillusionment,” said Dr. Ed Smith, Professor and Chair of the department of theatre and film studies. “As Tammy and her best friend, Hope, slog through the waters of teenage crushes, hopes, and dreams, they are beset at every turn by their arch nemeses, the highly popular Jennica and Amber. It doesn’t help that Tammy has a tail and talons and a great big old T-Rex head…or that she has her sights set on Cliff, the most popular boy in 8th grade.”

Smith adds that anyone who has ever been a teenager will relate to this play, which opens at 7:30 Friday, November 5. The play continues with evening performances on Nov. 6, 12, 13, and matinee performances on November 7, and 14, at 2:00PM. Tickets are $4 for students and $5 for all others. The show is recommended for audiences 12 years and older. Reserve tickets by calling 502-863-8104. Masks are required. 

Georgetown College’s Maskrafters are the oldest collegiate theatre troupe in Kentucky.

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