The Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for all official social media accounts linked to Georgetown College.

Social media is a tool used to inform and to develop a community, as well as further engage with students, parents, alumni, and friends of Georgetown College. Content and communications from social media accounts are informed by the College’s mission to deliver a championship-level education of the heart and mind to its students.

As an institution, the College welcomes open discussion and values the community and connections that can be formed through social media.

However, Georgetown College reserves the right to hide or delete any comments or posts which directly contradict with its mission and values or which it deems inappropriate, such as:

  • Posts that are in any way bullying, defaming, harassing, intimidating, or threatening
  • Posts deemed lewd or profane
  • Posts or comments deemed irrelevant to the subject under discussion
  • Misleading or incorrect posts
  • Sexually explicit or obscene material
  • Posts deemed discriminatory (refer to the College’s non-discrimination policy)
  • Posts deemed spam which have a commercial purpose
  • Any post that violates copyright
  • Any post that violates an individual’s privacy
  • Any post that contradicts the mission and values of Georgetown College

Consistent failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in an individual or page being blocked or banned from interacting with the College’s social media accounts.

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