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Georgetown College Best in Kentucky for Job Placement for Four Consecutive Years

Submitted on September 14, 2021

For the fourth consecutive year, Georgetown College has been named the best college or university in Kentucky for students getting a job. The ranking is based on Department of Education College Scorecard data and is designed to identify the four-year college or university that has the highest rates of job placement.

Dean and Provost of the College Dr. Rosemary Allen said, “Our College’s mission is ‘To prepare students to engage in their life’s pursuits with thoughtfulness and skill,’ and I am convinced that the success of our graduates is tied to our focus on those two elements of our mission: ‘thoughtfulness and skill.’ Our curriculum is designed to foster a broad range of skills—not just the technical skills associated with a specialty area, but also those vital ‘soft skills’ that make graduates resilient and flexible. And a liberal arts curriculum fosters ‘thoughtfulness’ as well—not only the capacity to think critically and creatively, but also the ability to embrace empathy and understanding of multiple perspectives.”

Along with the College’s top-ranking job placement rate, students from Georgetown College are accepted to medical schools, law schools, and other graduate programs at extremely high rates. The College’s Pre-Med Program has a medical school acceptance rate of nearly 100 percent for fully qualified students, and students in the College’s Pre-Law Program have been accepted into law school at such schools as UC-Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Emory, and Georgetown University.

“The education we offer to our students at Georgetown College is transformational,” said President Will Jones. “At Georgetown, students receive a championship-level education of the heart and mind. We provide our students with an opportunity to be successful after college. Graduate schools and many of Kentucky’s and America’s best companies know that Georgetown graduates are a treasure to add to their ranks.”

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