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Budget Cut Decisions Explained

Submitted on June 7, 2022

Georgetown College is issuing the following statement with information regarding the recent decision to discontinue certain athletic programs. No other information will be released or media interviews granted so that the College can focus on the needs of its campus community. 

Georgetown College is taking steps to control institutional costs that include the discontinuation of some of the College’s athletic teams. Those teams affected are men’s and women’s varsity golf, competitive archery, and junior varsity programs in men’s and women’s soccer. Scholarships for all affected student athletes will be honored, but the College will no longer fund competition for these teams at this time.

These actions are part of a broader restructuring of the College’s budget that was necessary to respond to rapidly rising costs and to eliminate a gap between projected costs and projected revenue.

The College acknowledges and respects the pain and disappointment felt by affected student-athletes and by others affected by budget decisions, but hard choices were necessary in order to remain fiscally responsible in a challenging economic environment. 

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