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Our small classes, personal professors, excellent labs, and opportunities for research and internships help set our students apart.

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Top Schools

GC grads have succeeded at top vet schools, including those at Auburn, Michigan State, and Ohio State Universities

Large or Small

GC can arrange internship and job shadowing opportunities at both large and small animal veterinary practices


Georgetown College’s location in the heart of horse country makes it an excellent location for preparing to be an equine veterinarian.

Program Requirements

No specific major is required, but students should follow the same general curriculum recommendations that are given to pre-medical and pre-dental students. Georgetown College offers all the prerequisites and recommended courses for veterinary programs. Internship and job shadowing is recommended and supported, preferably with both large and small animal veterinarians.

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Potential Careers

“To anyone wanting to get an incredible education--look no further.  There is a reason that Georgetown produces so many PhD, DVM, MD, DO, MS, RN, and APRN professionals--they help you become the best you and the best scientist that you can be.”

 - Dr. Brian Chaffin, '13, D.O., Internal Medicine Resident at Bowling Green Medical Center

“My chemistry major gave me the necessary skills I needed in order to tackle the demanding classes in veterinary school and my positions as President’s Ambassador and Chemistry

Club officer gave me the leadership skills that will be vital to my success as a veterinarian.”

 - Lacey Lamb, '09

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