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Helping Make Higher Education Affordable

Submitted on January 25, 2019

In keeping with Georgetown College’s commitment to making higher education affordable, the College is pleased to introduce the “GC Guarantee: Pell Pledge Scholarship.” The new scholarship is available to all Pell Grant-eligible families of academically-accomplished students who value an elite, Christian education.

Through the generosity of alumni and other donors who care about the future of Georgetown College students, the GC Guarantee removes the burden of ever-increasing college costs for families who are eligible to receive a Pell Grant.

Dr. Jonathan Sands Wise, Vice President of Enrollment Management, explains that the scholarship was created to meet a specific need for families. “Parents and students, especially those who receive a Pell Grant, consistently told us that the most challenging part of budgeting for college is trying to plan for future increases when they can barely afford the first year of college. The GC Guarantee gives these families peace of mind in knowing that if they can afford the cost of tuition the first year, then they can afford it for all four years.”

The GC Guarantee scholarship is simple to receive and powerful in its effects. Any student who is eligible to receive the Pell Grant as determined by the Federal government is eligible to receive the GC Guarantee: Pell Pledge Scholarship as well. All the student needs to do is maintain at least a 2.5 GPA, and the scholarship will be automatically applied for all qualifying students. All increases in tuition and fees will be covered for these students for four years.

The GC Guarantee has been designed to further the mission of Georgetown College, as the President, Dr. Dwaine Greene, explained. “As a College, we are thrilled to offer this exciting new scholarship program. We recognize the financial challenges that students face in pursuing quality higher education, and, as this program clearly demonstrates, we are committed to helping ease those challenges. The program is designed to provide the greatest assistance where there is the greatest need. We are especially proud to offer it, and we have every confidence that it will be widely embraced by our students and their families.”

One current student, who will also enjoy this benefit moving forward, expressed her appreciation for the action that the college is taking. “It is a blessing,” she wrote, “to be enrolled at a college that takes active steps toward alleviating financial stress off of their students. The financial aspect of college is inevitable; a college that actively moves toward financial relief for a large percentage of its students is uncommon. I love that my college continues to look for new ways to assist students financially, which in turn guarantees a more positive college experience.”

Students or families who have questions about eligibility or other details can contact the Office of Financial Planning. Alumni interested in helping to fund this scholarship are encouraged to contact the Development Office.

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