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If you are one of those people who enjoy math and just want to help everyone else see its beauty as clearly as you do, then mathematics education is for you! GC’s mathematics major is distinguished by its clear focus on analytic thinking and broad applications, precisely the sorts of skills that you will need to give your students. Mathematics education will certify you to teach grades 8-12, but you can also choose to certify down and add grades 5-7.

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Job Availability

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there is greater need for teachers of math than for teachers in other disciplines—so job prospects are strong


200: A GC grad scored a perfect 200 on the PRAXIS test of Mathematics knowledge

Program Requirements

33 hours for BA degree in Math; 32 hours for corollary major in Education that leads to secondary certification.

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Potential Careers

“Being a math major at Georgetown College challenged me to approach problems creatively, and persevere in solving them...a skill I hope to instill in my own students

 - Kyndal Yager, '15, Algebra 2 & AP Calculus Teacher, Carroll County High School, KY

“Georgetown’s Mathematics and Science Department enhanced my passion, conceptual understanding, capability to teach, and advocacy for STEM Education as a women of color.”

 - Maranda L. Miller, '97

“Because of the Georgetown College education department I am fully prepared to lead my own classroom. Would not have wanted to attend any other school.”

 - Dylan Haraway, '17

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