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If those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it, then History majors should be society’s MVPs. The reading, writing, and critical thinking skills that you will hone as a History student are in high demand in multiple sectors, including education, business, politics, and the legal field.

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Since 2014, 2 history majors have earned a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship, and another history major won the award for best undergraduate paper on world history written by a Kentucky college student.

Become President!

The most common college major of US Presidents is history; in recent years, many major companies have been led by history majors:  Sony, Hewlett-Packard, YouTube, American Express, IBM, NBC Entertainment, and Morgan Stanley.


The American Community Survey of the US Census Bureau recently found that on average, people with history degrees earn more than the typical college graduate.

Program Requirements

33 hours for major; 18 hours for minor

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Potential Careers

"Majoring in History and English, studying abroad twice, getting my teaching certification and graduating in four years: I did at Georgetown what I could not at other schools, thanks to outstanding academic advising and wonderful professors."

 - Jonathan Balmer, '14

“I started a History major because I enjoy the stories that help us understand who we are.  A GC History major provided unique insights into a twenty-first century world where cultures and traditions collide daily on a global scale.”

 - Alan Redditt, '00

 “I loved to discuss (and argue). I loved to think. These things made pursuing a history major a natural fit.” 

 - Elizabeth Kries, '95

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