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Reading the Classics can change your perspective on life in fascinating and surprising ways. Latin and Greek are the foundational languages of virtually every liberal arts discipline; the study of these languages, and of Greek and Roman authors in English translation, will deepen a student’s understanding of any field he or she pursues and prepare him or her for success on graduate exams such as the LSAT, GRE and MCAT.


Students in Georgetown’s classics program have the opportunity to be initiated into the prestigious national honor society in the classics, ΗΣΦ.


Georgetown offers both Latin and Greek, with multiple opportunities for extended independent study in both languages.


Every year, the Classics Club goes caroling at the faculty/staff Christmas dinner… in Latin!

Program Requirements

21 hours for interdisciplinary minor; no major available

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Potential Careers

“The classics courses are enlightening, and the content is applicable to classes outside of the minor. It’s an outstanding minor that compliments and strengthens any major.”

 - Hannah Krieger, '15

“Classics teaches humanity, how they thought and lived; the struggle of the human becomes clear through classics and connects us all, regardless of time and place.  Classics is the study of us.”

 - Evan Moore, '18

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