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ON WE GO! – October 25, 2017

Submitted on October 25, 2017

There are dozens of synonyms for the term ‘wonderful,’ and it is likely that they all apply to the outstanding Homecoming Weekend the College has just experienced. From my perspective, it was an absolutely grand event, one of the finest Homecomings with which I have ever been involved. To see alumni return in such large numbers, to hear their stories about their time at Georgetown, to enjoy the range of events that were carefully planned and executed, to feel the energy generated from our current students, to sense the affection for the College that so many people retain, and to wrap it up with a thrilling football victory  ----  all are part of the package that leaves in its wake such descriptors as ‘excellent,’ ‘outstanding,’ ‘tremendous,’ and ‘marvelous.’

There is one other term I want to add, this one from Dr. Kathy Winograd who was one of five alumni honored on Saturday as a Distinguished Alum. As President of Central New Mexico Community College, Dr. Winograd is highly regarded in the New Mexico education community. In her brief remarks on Saturday, she pointed out how ‘joy’ is a core element at her current College, and that it was something deeply embedded in her from her experience at Georgetown College. Many of us are privileged every day to sense from our students and colleagues the same joy that she described. It is one of the beautiful things about Georgetown, and it was flowing in abundance last weekend.

On We Go!

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