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ON WE GO! – October 18,2017

Submitted on October 18, 2017

One of the city streets on the western edge of campus, Hollyhock Lane, has been closed since the semester began, as work was being accomplished to replace a storm drain under the road. Hollyhock is an important artery for campus traffic, as it is a Clayton Avenue and Jackson Street connector. We are pleased to inform our various constituents that now the storm drain has been replaced, and the street is freshly repaved.

Looking to weeks directly ahead, the news gets even better. As many of you are aware, Lemons Mill Road, between main and east campuses, has been badly in need of repair for several years. College personnel have now been informed that bids have been received, a contract has been awarded, and the Lemons Mill reconstruction is scheduled to be completed before the end of this calendar year.

Both of those projects are city projects, but we are grateful for the prioritization and completion that is helpful to Georgetown College. Whether to Homecoming this weekend, or to other events in weeks ahead, enjoy the upgraded roads that make travel easier. See you soon, as

On We Go!

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