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ON WE GO! - Weekly President's Perspective from Dr. Greene - November 7, 2018

ON WE GO! – November 7, 2018

Submitted on November 7, 2018

Each year, the Senior Class selects a student to represent them by speaking at the May graduation ceremony. This past May of 2018, the speaker was Ms. Haley Oliver, and her remarks splendidly described the Georgetown College experience from a student’s perspective. If you have not seen it already, an excerpt from her speech is on the homepage of the College’s website. But, I want to share it with you today, in the hope that you will do the same with people you know, especially high school students to whom you would recommend Georgetown. In Haley’s words:

            We’ve shared academic experiences that have enlightened, challenged, transformed, and liberated. Our minds have been nurtured by faculty who care deeply about our success. We have learned to think critically, and how to view the world through the lenses of science, history, literature, art – I could go on. We have the unique opportunity to graduate together – our commencement ceremony not separated by degree or major – something that is reflective of the multidisciplinary nature of our degrees from a liberal arts school. We leave here today as artists of morality, philosophers of sustainability, biologists of culture, and chemists of community.

Haley’s words are beautifully descriptive of the Georgetown College experience. It is refreshing to know that she and thousands of other Georgetown graduates are out there making a difference for good in our world.

On We Go!

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