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ON WE GO! - Weekly President's Perspective from Dr. Greene

ON WE GO! – November 29, 2017

Submitted on November 29, 2017

For my Perspective today, I want to focus on ‘winning,’ and bring recognition to two of its recent, through different, expressions. One form of winning was marvelously displayed by the Georgetown College football team over the past two weeks. Our team had successfully maneuvered through a challenging season, then faced in the national tournament two highly ranked opponents. Our team emerged with a record of one and one, but the real victory achieved was one of character and strength. In the face of much adversity, our players and our coaches represented themselves, their program, and their College with class and character. I am so proud of them all.

Secondly, there was another team at work yesterday – our Advancement staff and a small army of volunteers who were spearheading the College’s efforts for the National Day of Giving. Their preparations had also been extensive, and their goals ambitious. Externally, their success was in a record number of donations for a single day (over 700), but equally impressive was their diligence and resolve in pressing forward in support of the worthy mission we know as Georgetown College.

To both of these teams, we applaud your efforts, and we thank you. Well done!

On We Go!

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