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ON WE GO! - Weekly President's Perspective from Dr. Greene - March 28, 2018

ON WE GO! – March 28, 2018

Submitted on March 28, 2018

‘Watershed’ is a common term, normally associated with geographical features tied to the drainage of water. For example, a mountain ridge can begin a watershed, with all the water on one side of the ridge flowing in one direction, and all the water on the other side draining in another direction. But, ‘watershed’ can also designate something about the human experience. For individuals, it may signify important realizations or understandings. On a larger scale, the term can indicate an event or moment that represents a critical point in history, a point beyond which realities or possibilities will never again be the same.

Easter represents the major watershed in history and in Christian faith. The resurrection of Jesus is the moment at which everything changed. In fact, more than anything else, Christian faith is resurrection faith! It was the moment at which human realities and understandings were transformed for all time. It was the moment in which God acted in the world in such a way as to open a path for human salvation and eternal existence. Jesus’ resurrection was the moment in which his messiahship was confirmed. Thankfully, as the ultimate stamp of God’s approval of his son, it delivered a transforming message that God’s will can in fact be known through Jesus himself.

This coming weekend, as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, may we contemplate, with gratitude to God, the significance of history’s greatest watershed.

On We Go!

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