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ON WE GO! - Weekly President's Perspective from Dr. Greene - June 27, 2018

ON WE GO! – June 27, 2018

Submitted on June 27, 2018

In 1981, I injured my neck while working on the grounds crew of Wake Forest University. I kept working that day and did not realize the extent of my injury until the next morning, when I could not even lift my head from the pillow. Realizing that I was injured and in pain, Carolyn helped me roll off the side of the bed, and get to a doctor. What was to follow was three days in traction, with me lying flat on the bed, wearing a harness around my head, to which was attached a seven-pound weight that was suspended off the end of the bed. Functionally, the weight was intended to relieve pressure, and help bring my head and neck back into alignment. The treatment may sound a bit antiquated, but the good news is that it worked! The three days were rather miserable, but, at their end, I was feeling much better.

I learned several things from that experience, one of which was to ‘appreciate the small things.’ Until that time, I had never given thought to the mechanics of such a simple matter as getting out of bed. I had never realized how important the neck muscles were in lifting your head from a supine position. That experience taught me never to take for granted even the simplest, everyday things. They are important and need to be appreciated, for what is simple can have some of the most significant effects.

On We Go!

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