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ON WE GO! - Weekly President's Perspective from Dr. Greene - July 4, 2018

ON WE GO! – July 4, 2018

Submitted on July 4, 2018

Our family has maintained a considerable appreciation for matters religious, and for matters scientific. From life experience, including academic preparation, we firmly believe that religionists can have a deep appreciation for science, and scientists can be people of strong faith.

With that perspective in mind, I have been pleased to see present on Georgetown’s campus in recent weeks two particular camps. One is our ‘Faithways Academy,’ a two-week summer program for high school students, to help them reflect deeply on their faith in an academic setting and to explore their faith in the world. Another is our Pre-College Academic Experience in Math and Science, otherwise known as ‘PAEMS.’ Now in its 28th year, PAEMS is a 13-day residential program for academically motivated high school students with exceptional interest in mathematics and the natural sciences. I have appreciated observing how much the students enjoy these camps, and I am pleased to see the way the programs complement each other so well on the campus of Georgetown College.

On We Go!

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