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ON WE GO! – December 12, 2018

Submitted on December 12, 2018


This coming Friday, December 14, will bring another of the beautiful evenings on campus, as the Winter Graduation Service will be conducted in John L. Hill Chapel. With soft lighting and seasonal trimmings, the Chapel will be beautifully decorated to a level commensurate with the significance of the occasion.

That occasion, of course, is to celebrate the accomplishments of some twenty undergraduates, and several dozen graduate students receiving their Master of Arts in Education. A distinguished Georgetown graduate from 1983, Dr. Kimberly Walters-Parker will deliver the address.  Then will come the wonderful moments when the graduates are hooded and/or receive their degree.

Over the years, I have stood along their path and congratulated thousands of students as they walked across the graduation stage. The smiles on their faces are almost always at their widest and brightest, as the abundance of joy shines forth. What a beautiful moment for everyone! Congratulations, graduates!


On We Go!



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