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Study Abroad, Learning New Culture

Senior Doug Mollett Learning New Culture

Submitted on October 11, 2018

International study is but one of the wonderful experiences available to Georgetown College students. There are opportunities for travel and study abroad in more than 30 countries in programs lasting anywhere from two weeks to a full academic year.

Senior Doug Mollett, a major in Environmental Studies and Spanish, is currently abroad in Spain. So far, he has visited Gibraltar, a territory of Great Britain in southern Spain (home of the Rock of Gibraltar), Seville, and Cordoba. Above, he is pictured at Alhambra in Granada.

“I’m having the time of my life over here,” Mollett related recently via email and shared the following about his decision to take advantage of the international study program.

“As I’m just getting settled in for my three-month study abroad journey in Granada, Spain, I can’t help but reflect and think how lucky I am to attend Georgetown College with its array of experienced language professionals. Their training, expertise, and interests have done nothing but prepare me for my semester abroad. 

When I would tell people in my hometown that I was getting ready to leave the country for three months, many of them looked at me like I had two heads. “Why would you want to do that?” “What if you can’t communicate?” “Are you sure you got all your shots?” “What if there is terrorism over there?’ These, among a plethora of other immaterial questions, are some of the doubts and push-back I received when preparing for this experience.

On the other hand, I got some responses like, “Europe is beautiful.” “There is so much history there.” “Travel while you’re young and still can.” ”That’s a good choice since you speak Spanish.”

While all of these are true, and I very much appreciate the support from these people, that wasn’t the main reason I decided to embark on this journey.

Not only does the Georgetown College language faculty teach me to speak a new language, but more importantly, they teach me to appreciate culture and people of other parts of the world. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” The real reason I decided to travel abroad was that Georgetown College taught me that people are the backbone of culture and of the world.

Every single person lives in a bubble of what they know and what they’re comfortable with. Outside that bubble is a sphere of what they know exists but don’t understand. And outside of that is another realm of things they don’t even know they don’t know. Understanding, listening to, and learning from other people are the keys to tapping into those other bubbles. Connections and relationships are the keys to changing the world.

Georgetown College International Programs offers so many different opportunities for students to take courses abroad, learn new cultures, and understand new people. Students have the opportunity to take courses abroad during winter break, summer break, fall or spring semester, or an entire academic year. Some courses are taught by Georgetown College faculty that travel abroad with students, and courses in all different disciplines can be found.” – Doug Mollett

In the weeks and months ahead, Mollett plans visits to Vienna, Austria, Barcelona, Spain, several cities in Morocco, Madrid, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, and Milan, Italy.

Programs abroad are offered in nearly every academic area. The Office of International Programs strives to work with students interested in study abroad to create a personalized academic plan to match specific interests.

Georgetown College currently has other students studying in Rome, Italy and San José, Costa Rica as well as at Oxford University. In the spring, students will be studying at Oxford University and in both Prague, Czech Republic, and San José, Costa Rica. Over the winter break, Dr. Laura Hunt will lead study in Mexico via Georgetown College’s partnership with the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS).

Information about opportunities for study abroad is available online:

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