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Piano in Cooke Memorial

Georgetown College Works to Help Local Church’s Music Program

Submitted on September 22, 2021

This past spring, before a GC Chorale practice session, Professor of Music Christopher Powell made an unexpected discovery.

“We rehearse in the lobby of Cooke Memorial. Our accompanist, Ethan Neal, and I were in a bit early one day. We were setting up and moving some things around, when we discovered this beautiful Steinway piano, still in fantastic shape.”

One of the most respected brands of piano made, the Steinway hadn’t lost its beauty or its musical capability. “It sounded amazing considering it hadn’t been tuned in so long,” said Powell.

That’s when Neal, organist and choirmaster at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Georgetown, realized how much his church could benefit from such an instrument.

“Ethan has been amazing helping us with the Chorale, as well as playing the organ at several on-campus events, and we wanted to do all we could to help him and his church the best we could,” said Powell. “So I started asking around to see what we could do. In typical Georgetown-fashion, everyone was incredibly helpful, and we were able to let them borrow that piano for the foreseeable future. They’ve also been incredibly gracious in allowing us to use their space, which has some wonderful acoustics, for some Chorale events.”

This small act of kindness fits in with how the College strives to be a good member of its local community and help when possible.

 “We want to be in partnership with those in the community,” said Powell. “When Ethan and I started talking about how we help each other out, it clicked that this is what Georgetown is all about.”







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