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Georgetown College to Offer Students a Renewed Dining Experience

Submitted on July 23, 2020

After an extensive process that lasted eighteen months, Georgetown College is proud to announce it will enter into a new dining services contract, which will ensure better food, better service, and a better overall dining experience for students. The college has reimagined and will reinvigorate what dining looks like on campus for students. This overhaul will include a new national brand restaurant on the ground floor of Cralle Student Center, major renovations to both the Montgomery Cafeteria and kitchen, a large-scale investment in the Mulberry Café, and a much wider array of food options for students.

A new national brand restaurant on campus was of paramount importance in a new dining services contract at the college, and GC is incredibly proud to be able to provide students with that option in the years to come. This year, students will have the opportunity to voice their opinion on which national brand restaurant they want to see on campus.

In its negotiations, the college also sought vital renovations to both the Montgomery Cafeteria and kitchen. Recognizing the need to provide students with a more enjoyable dining experience, these renovations will look to modernize the dining hall, while updating the kitchen to allow for the easy production of a wider array of food options for students and to provide a more seamless overall experience.

“Our primary concern through this entire process was ensuring that students get better food, better selection, and better service from our new dining contract,” said Dean of Students, Dr. Curtis Sandberg. “We could not be more excited about the investment that this new leadership group is making in Georgetown College, and we have complete confidence that we will see a new quality of food service starting this fall and accelerating next summer when there will be time to reimagine the kitchens and the spaces where our students eat.”

The new dining services will be operated by Sodexo under new management at the local, regional, and national level. Their vision for a renewed dining experience at GC and a major investment in that vision will ensure students get a selection of better food and a better overall dining experience.

"We want students to feel connected and cared for by the College, offering a great variety of quality nutritious food options,” said Associate Vice President for Business Auxiliary Services, Sally Wiatrowski. “With the renovations, students will be more comfortable in the dining environment, which will allow them to focus more on academics and build useful skills that prepare them for the workforce."

Along with the exciting news of a national brand restaurant in Cralle Student Center and extensive renovations in the Montgomery Cafeteria, students can also anticipate a substantial investment in the Mulberry Café. One of the most beloved spaces on campus for students to grab a coffee and hang out with friends or get some homework done, the Mulberry will get a refreshed look and feel, improving it for students to enjoy for years to come.

The ultimate goal in negotiating a new dining services contract was to provide students with better food. The new dining services will not only offer students better food but also more options for students who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, or have other allergen issues. All students deserve the right to easily find delicious meals on campus, and this new contract will ensure this is the case.

These exciting new changes stand in line with Georgetown College’s desire to provide students a championship-level education of the heart and mind. Recognizing the need for healthy, quality, and delicious food options, Georgetown College is incredibly excited to be able to offer students a renewed dining experience.


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