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Samantha Sams

Georgetown Alumna Samantha Sams Named Principal of Second Street School

Submitted on June 3, 2019

There’s no mistaking Samantha Sams’ passion for education. This passion is just one reason why she has recently been named the new principal of Second Street School in Frankfort, Ky, replacing the retiring Dr. Dewey Hensley.

Sams earned her Master of Arts Degree in Education with an emphasis on Gifted and Talented Education from Georgetown College in 2016 and has taken that foundation and built upon it. “Through my education, I learned a lot about a wide variety of students of all levels. During my time at Georgetown, I also learned how to collaborate with teachers and help them get the best from their students.”

Sams takes over from retiring principal, Dr. Dewey Hensley. She credits him with creating a foundation from which to continue to build. “Dr. Hensley has built an amazing foundation, and we just want to continue that. We want to continue having high expectations of our students. That will yield results.”

 When asked what inspires her each day, she doesn’t hesitate. “The kids and the teachers,” she says. “Each day, I know that we have to be intentional. We don’t leave anything to chance or luck. We have to strive to help our students and teachers the best we can each and every day.”


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