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Faithways Academy Goes Virtual in 2020

Submitted on May 26, 2020

Faithways Academy looks a little different this year. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the beloved camp will be going virtual in 2020. The ingenuity of those involved in Faithways Academy, particularly Director of Faithways Academy, Hollis Dudgeon, has allowed the academy to still take place in 2020, albeit with a slightly different look.

Normally held over two weeks on campus, this year’s Faithways will be spread out over five weeks. Each Tuesday in June, students will gather virtually for worship, a virtual Zoom class, self- guided work in the afternoons with engaging videos made by Georgetown professors, conversations with different folks doing ministry in this time, and fun virtual activities as well.

“We’re trying a lot of different things to create camaraderie and foster connection between Faithways Scholars,” said Hollis Dudgeon, Director of Faithways Academy. “We’re not trying to exactly replicate what occurs in person but rather imagine different possibilities that a switch to an online platform holds. A lot of this is imagining different ways that we can build relationships through fun activities including a ‘Virtual Pizza Party and Game Night’ the week before Faithways starts, as well as unstructured opportunities like a ‘Virtual Coffee Hour’ for students to hang out and share in the common experience that is Virtual Faithways.”

Faithways Academy traditionally serves as a safe space for students to grow in their faith and explore deeper meanings and deeper connections. Dudgeon has set out to ensure this remains, even as the academy goes virtual. “I trust that in this space connections will be formed and deepened and expanded so that we might find a stubborn and rugged hope together,” said Dudgeon. “We aren’t offering answers but rather seeking to hold these difficult times and the questions and doubts and fears and joys together.  My hope is that students who participate in Faithways this year will feel less alone and more connected- connected with God, themselves and one another.”

This year’s Faithways presents a unique opportunity for students to connect and confront questions and modern issues that have arisen due to the outbreak of Covid-19. It allows for the once in a lifetime chance for these students to grow closer to God, themselves, and one another during incredibly difficult times.

Dudgeon said, “We are also particularly aware of and attentive to everything that is going on in the world due to coronavirus and therefore seeking to listen deeply to and walk alongside the needs of students within that.”

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