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Erin Ball with Kentucky Teacher of the Year Award

Erin Ball Wins 2020 Kentucky Teacher of the Year Award

Submitted on May 20, 2019

Georgetown College alumna Erin Ball has been named the 2020 Valvoline Kentucky Teacher of the Year. The award, given by the Kentucky Department of Education at a ceremony in Frankfort, KY on Monday, May 20th, is the highest honor given to public school teachers in the state of Kentucky. She also won the Middle School Teacher of the Year award.

Receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in English in 2014 and her Master of Arts in Education in 2018 from Georgetown College, Ms. Ball is quick to mention her professors at the College and the impact they made on her. “Georgetown College provided me with opportunities to witness several excellent educators in action through my TA experiences and my student teaching experience.”

Ms. Ball is always looking to make a positive impact on her students’ lives and always keeps the bigger picture in mind. She is particularly passionate about a project-based learning unit on the topic of refugees.

“This project-based learning unit is impactful for students because it gives them a sense of purpose, incorporates 21st century skills, and creates autonomy,” she said.

This kind of challenging, culturally relevant, and engaging material makes Ms. Ball an excellent educator, one beloved by her students and now recognized with this prestigious prize.

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