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Distinguished Scholars Introduced for 2018 Incoming Class

Distinguished Scholars Introduced for 2018 Incoming Class

Submitted on December 21, 2017

At prestigious academic institutions like Georgetown College, top scholars get top scholarships. Georgetown College is thrilled to announce that, beginning with the entering class of Fall 2018, there is a new way to recognize and reward our two most exceptional incoming students: the Distinguished Scholars designation.

Applications are due by February 1st to be considered for this prestigious scholarship, and will require some short answers, recommendations, and a writing sample. Distinguished Scholars will be students who demonstrate academic excellence in the classroom, and exemplary character and leadership in all of their activities.

Each year, two students from the incoming freshman class will be chosen to represent the College as Distinguished Scholars. They will receive scholarships and grants at least equivalent to full tuition their freshman year, renewable for four years. Those invited to interview at Georgetown Scholars Day will conduct an interview with the President, Dr. Dwaine Greene, and our Provost, Dr. Rosemary Allen.

The applicants to become Distinguished Scholars may also be considered for membership in one of Georgetown College’s academic honors programs: Oxford Honors, which includes a term of study as a visiting student at Oxford University; Science Honors, which includes a funded summer research opportunity; or Independent Honors, which allows a student to design an honors experience for credit that best suits their intellectual and personal passions.

In the past two years, over 10% of each incoming class was admitted to Honors Programs, and the new Distinguished Scholars program will enable the College to recognize and reward two truly exemplary applicants who are eligible for inclusion in that elite group.

In discussing the importance of this program for these students and for the mission of Georgetown College, Dr. Allen spoke of the need to build a demonstrable expectation of excellence by bringing students who epitomize that commitment in their whole lives. She continued, “The scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to fulfill a key role for Georgetown College as ambassadors for academic and personal excellence.”

Applications are now being accepted online at Apply by Feb. 1. Scholars Day on campus is scheduled for Feb. 16.

More information is available from the Office of Admission. Email Or call 502-863-7009 or 800-788-9985.

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