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Bishop Scholars Improve Citizenship, Develop Leadership Skills Through Mentoring

Submitted on October 9, 2017

Students in the Bishop Scholars Program at Georgetown College gain unique learning experiences and develop leadership skills by working as mentors and tutors for second and third graders at Coventry Oaks Elementary School in north Lexington. Working with the elementary students, many of whom face a variety of challenges, the Bishop Scholars benefit as well by combining learning objectives with community service.

“We believe the positive and consistent outside influence created through the mentor/student relationship inspires the elementary students to make wise choices in and out of the classroom as well as create accountability for the students and Scholars,” said Ms. Robbi Barber, director of the Bishop Scholars Program.

Georgetown College students in the Bishop Scholars Program typically are matched with youngsters over a three or four year period. The time frame enables the college students to observe the growth and development of the grade school children over the years.

Successful service-learning is a multi-faceted process. Through this mentoring and tutoring project, the Bishop Scholars experience greater interpersonal development, particularly the ability to work well with others, and build leadership and communication skills. Along with that comes spiritual growth and moral development as well as improved social responsibility and citizenship skills, and a better understanding of the benefits from greater involvement in community service after graduation.

“Being a Bishop Scholar adds distinction to my name and gives me a mindset to rise above what is normal," commented Bishop Scholar Jessalyn Brown. "Activities such as going to Coventry Oaks Elementary and spending time with a child allows me to have an impact as a BS, blessing someone else while being blessed.”

Bishop Scholars at Coventry Oaks ElementaryCurrent Bishop Scholars participating in the mentoring and tutoring program are pictured, l-r, kneeling, Jarred Reed and Jonathan Wade, both from Ft Worth, Texas, and standing, l-r, KeAndre Johnson, Ft Worth; Jessalyn Brown, Lexington; Savannah Jackson, Dallas; Tieranna Coleman, Louisville; Catherine Bruce, Chicago, IL; T’Yona McWilliams, Detroit, MI; Zachary Barber, Georgetown; London Polk, Columbus, OH; and Keith Hackett, Louisville.

The Bishop Scholars Program was formed a decade ago through a partnership with alumni of the former Bishop College in Texas. That school closed in the mid-1980s.

For more information on the Bishop Scholars, contact Ms. Barber at 502-863-7047 or email

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