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Avery Blackmon Named NAIA Player of the Year

Submitted on May 9, 2019

Avery Blackmon plays the game differently. “It’s like she’s playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. She’s always thinking one step ahead,” said Head Coach, Brandon Davis. “I’ve never seen a player make a mistake and correct it immediately like her. It’s uncanny.”

This might help explain why Avery Blackmon was named NAIA Player of the Year this week.

Blackmon has broken pretty much every record you could imagine in her time at Georgetown College. She finished her time at GC with more than 400 points, a record unlikely to be broken any time soon. She also now holds the Georgetown College record for goals.

But she refuses to take all the credit. “Truthfully, I have to give majority of the credit to my teammates. They're the reason why I get up every day. They make all the hard parts of playing a college sport worth it.  If it wasn't for their encouragement and physically pushing me to my limits, this would not be happening,” said Blackmon.

She didn’t get where she is on pure talent, alone, either. “She has transformed the culture. Her work ethic has been there since day one. Everything she does is contagious to the rest of the team,” said Davis.

When Blackmon’s name rang out as NAIA Player of the Year, the room broke out into a standing ovation. Looking around the room, you could see those standing were from opposing teams. “In that moment we weren't on different teams.  The rivalries were gone, and we all came together,” she said.

Blackmon truly has the respect of those she played against, although they’re surely glad to not see her on the field next season.

Davis summed it up best. “It couldn’t go to a more deserving person.”


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