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Sara Daqiq

Afghanistan to Georgetown College to Silicon Valley

Submitted on February 7, 2020

Sara Daqiq’s journey to Georgetown College is certainly unique. Originally from Afghanistan, she grew up in a country ravaged by war and spent significant time in a refugee camp along the way. Throughout her youth, education remained of the utmost importance to her and her family. She dedicated herself to not only her studies but also to helping her family, selling plastic bags in a refugee camp when she was just four years old.

Her commitment to education eventually led to her finding Georgetown College through the Foundation for Afghanistan, which connected Afghan students with American colleges and universities. It just so happened that Sara became intrigued by Georgetown College, despite not knowing exactly where it was or what it would be like.

“I didn’t know anybody,” she says. “But when I was finally on campus, everyone was incredibly supportive, very accommodating. I guess they call it ‘southern hospitality.’ Of course, I didn’t know that at the time, but everyone I came in contact with was very easy to talk to.”

Georgetown College also committed to making college affordable for her and her family. “They were incredibly supportive. Georgetown College really did amazing things to make college affordable and help me along the way.”

Daqiq graduated from Georgetown College in 2016, having majored in Information Systems. Throughout her time at GC, she found numerous internship opportunities and spent her summers in San Francisco, California. In that time, San Francisco felt like home. She now lives there and recently took a position as a Software Developer at Okta, a technology company seeking to enable customers easier access to a variety of online tools more smoothly and securely.

Daqiq credits Georgetown College with imparting skills to her which she uses on a daily basis, skills she learned both in the classroom and outside the classroom. “As an Information Systems major at Georgetown, I use all the skills I learned in my classes each and every day now in my job,” she says. “Not just that, but I use the communication skills I learned by being part of the campus community in how I talk with people on a daily basis.”

As an international student from Afghanistan, she came to Georgetown College and experienced a vastly different culture than she was used to, spending her time with fellow students from markedly different backgrounds. This, however, taught her incredibly valuable lessons that she now uses in her everyday life.

“I learned you don’t have to agree or have the same point of view to be friends with someone. I have really great friends in Kentucky who I don’t agree with completely, and that’s totally okay. I love them and respect them. This is how we all have to live our lives.”

As she enters into her exciting career now, she reflects back on her time at Georgetown College. As a former international student at the college, she encourages future international students to make connections on campus.

“I wish I had spent more time early on in my time at Georgetown making connections instead of spending so much time focused on academics. Only later did I see the benefit of the in-classroom experience and out of the classroom experience at Georgetown. So I would urge future students to get involved and make those connections because you never know what it will lead to.”

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