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Faithways Academy Service Projects

“Living Theology Encounters”

Through Living Theology Encounters we go out to experience the possibilities of how we might live out our theology in different ways together.  Living Theology Encounters include experiences in spiritual formation, creation care, racial reconciliation and social ministry.


Faithways Academy Church Visits

Church Visit on Sunday

On Sunday, you will get to visit a church denomination you have not experienced before. It’s a fun time to see how other Christians worship


Faithways Academy Morning Prayers

Morning Prayers (M-F)

A time each morning set aside for us to pray together, reflect on scripture, and have a worshipful moment before the day begins.


Faithways Academy Theology


A place to discuss how we think about God. Theology is in all we do. In here you will explore what you believe and why you believe it.


Faithway Academy Bible


Exploring the different areas of the Bible, as well as the central story that runs through it.


Faithways Academy Church Lunches

Church Lunches

We eat at different denominations each day to hear what makes them unique and learn about what makes us similar.


Faithways Academy Hiking


On Sunday we take a break to get out and explore God’s creation. Don’t worry, you get to choose your own level of hiking! (“extreme”, “relaxed”, or “play cards in the nature center”)



In your elective, you will get to explore something you are passionate about. Through the week you will create and work on a project to take back home and present or share at your church. Below are some pictures of the projects created in the past.


Faithways Academy Art



Faithways Academy Art



Faithways Academy Bible Storytelling

(Biblical Storytelling)


Faithways Academy Advocacy



Faithways Academy Comic Book Theology

(Comic Book Theology)


Faithways Academy Literature



Faithways Academy Dinner in the Cafeteria


Enjoy dinner in the college cafeteria with the friends you have been making


Faithways Academy WorshipWorship

Each night we take time to worship together as a community. This might include singing, preaching, scripture reading, or other elements.


Faithways Academy Community Groups

Community Groups

We end the day in our Community Groups to allow us to share the good and challenging moments of the day. These groups are your “family” for the week you are here.

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