All international students who are on an F visa and were physically in the US during the tax year are expected to complete and file tax forms with the U.S. federal government, whether or not they earned income.

To assist international students with completing their federal tax forms, Georgetown College offers free tax preparation software called SprinTax. It is a web-based program designed for international students to provide step-by-step instructions and assistance.

SprinTax log-in information is sent to all F-1 students via email during the Spring semester.

Additional Assistance

Georgetown College staff are not trained in the complexities of the US tax code. As a result, they are not able to answer tax questions. SprinTax offers several types of assistance and is typically able to answer most international student tax questions.

The University of Kentucky College of Law also offers free tax preparation assistance. More information on this program may be found on the College of Law website.