Georgetown College is committed to the principle that student learning and student success are at the core of our institutional mission. We constantly collect data to measure how well we’re doing in meeting our goal of “providing an exceptional educational experience in a vibrant Christian community,” and we are justifiably proud of the data that shows that Georgetown College is “distinguished by its emphasis on outstanding teaching and mentoring.”

Direct measures of student achievement

  • Each year, Georgetown College seniors complete the nationally-normed Proficiency Profile examination that measures their success in acquiring key academic skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, and math.  This year’s results show that Georgetown College not only significantly exceeds the national average for liberal arts institutions, but is improving in its performance, year to year.
  • These core academic skills then help students find ways to improve their employment outcomes.  A study published in The Economist rated Georgetown College in the top 5% of institutions in the nation (and first in Kentucky) for its ability to add to the expected earning capacity of its students.  And our Graves Center for Calling and Career helps students prepare for success through their College to Career Commitment, and then tracks their success as they enter the workplace.
  • About 25% of Georgetown College graduates continue their education in graduate or professional schools (including medicine and law).  The Graves Center Report gives data on those outcomes, and the report linked below gives a snapshot of the success that our graduates from a variety of disciplines have had in their admission to law schools.
  • Georgetown College also tracks the success of students in its Masters program in Education.  Georgetown College’s online Masters program is rated by US News as top among private colleges and universities in Kentucky.
  • For overall data on enrollment, persistence, and graduation rates, please see the College’s most recent President’s Report: President's Report Fall 2017.pdf

Measures of student engagement

Research shows that student success is strongly related to engagement with faculty, inside and outside of the classroom. As a result, Georgetown College carefully tracks its commitment to outstanding teaching and mentoring.

The data linked below shows how Georgetown College compares to other institutions when it comes to the relationship between faculty and students. 

For the results of the nationally-normed Student Satisfaction Inventory, which demonstrates that Georgetown College rates significantly higher than other student-centered national liberal arts colleges when it comes to its students’ satisfaction with the advising and mentorship provided by faculty, click here: Advising Satisfaction 2017.pdf

More detailed comparative data on GC students’ perception of faculty mentorship can be found in the results of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) Senior Survey:  CIRP.pdf


“Transferring to Georgetown College was a really pleasant surprise, because there is such a tight sense of community. I feel really connected to my professors; I know all of them, and I can reach out to them at any time about anything. Honestly, I feel connected to my own education now, and it has made me value my education a lot more. Last semester I was on the Dean’s List! That has never happened before, but here I feel like everyone is working to help me succeed.”
 Victoria Smith, 2018


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