The Georgetown College Education Department makes extensive use of data as part of its continuous improvement process. The links below provide stakeholders with access to survey data, candidate assessment data, and state reports about our programs. More information is available online at or by phone, 502-863-7986.

Reports marked with an asterisk (*) directly link to information maintained by outside agencies. These reports must be filtered in order to view only Georgetown College data.

Impact Measures for Student Success

Our Education program sets goals for student achievement that are aligned with expectations set by CAEP, the national accreditor for our teacher education program.  These goals include:

Goal 1: Completers of Georgetown College Education programs will have a positive impact on P-12 students’ learning and development, as measured by Kentucky New Teacher Survey and Educational Provider Program (EPP) Annual Alumni Survey.

  • The Kentucky New Teacher Survey includes a perception question about the completer’s ability to impact student learning. This survey is sent to first-year teachers, their school mentors, and their principals. When reviewing the available data, candidates, resource teachers, and employers rate our completers highly on the ability to impact student learning.
  • In addition, Georgetown College surveys its alumni annually to gather perception data around their impact on K12 learning as well as their satisfaction with their preparation. The 2018 Alumni Survey reported that 98% of alumni reported scoring in either the Distinguished or Proficient levels on their teacher evaluation tool, and over 70% of alumni reported feeling that Georgetown College had prepared them for their current careers.  

Goal 2: Georgetown College education graduates will be employed in an educational field at a rate that matches the state employment predictions, and eighty percent of Georgetown College Educational Provider Program (EPP) graduates will work in education within three years of graduation. Employers will rate Georgetown College graduates favorably.

  • The Teacher Preparation Feedback Report shows that Georgetown College’s EPP initial candidates are employed after program completion and retained at levels that meet or exceed state averages. Completers are typically employed initially in several counties mostly near the EPP. Two of these counties have the greatest demand for teachers in the state. The EPP’s initial completers’ median salaries showed growth 3, 5, and 7 years out, which seems to indicate that the teachers were moving up in the teaching ranks and salary schedules.  Employers are satisfied with the completer’s preparation.
  • On the Administrator Survey (2018), principals responded to an “overall effectiveness” question where they rated as PROFICIENT 44.4% of their GC prepared teachers and 55.6% of teachers as COMPETENT; none were rated as DEVELOPING or NOVICE.

Goal 3: Georgetown College education candidates will meet admissions criteria standards, including GPA and PRAXIS, for entry to its Teacher Education Programs (TEP) at a level that matches the national GPA and PRAXIS averages.

  • The three-cycle median admitted cohort average scores on each test of required state normed tests (Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators) reflect the academic success of our students.  The EPP mean score for Reading is 180.5 (well above the national median of 170).  The EPP mean score for writing is 165 as compared to the national norm of 164.  The EPP mean score for math is 154, two points below the national median of 156.  An addition of an Academic Support Advisor has resulted in improvement in this area. The EPP will continue to monitor and work with math professors to enhance performance in this area
  • The admitted cohort average GPA for the last 3 cycles of data not only met but exceeded the minimum CAEP requirement of a 3.0 GPA.  The data reflects the following:  Spring 2018 (3.26), summer 2018 (3.31), Fall 2018 (3.35) and spring 2019 (3.00).
  • The median GPA median for all three cycles (3.23) is also above the national median, documenting that the EPP cohort of admitted candidates meet and exceed the median expectation.
  • Content area PRAXIS scores are reported by achievement totals.  Not all cycles can represent all content tests.  For Spring 18, 53 out of 70 (75%) candidates met or exceeded the national median.  In Summer 2018, 59 out of 86 (68%) candidates met or exceeded the national median.  In Fall 2018, 33 out of 47 (86%) candidates met or exceeded the national median.  In Spring 2019 a robust 90% (9 out of 10) candidates met or exceeded the national median. 

In summary, the teacher education programs at Georgetown College produce outstanding teachers who make a difference in Kentucky schools and beyond. Many of our students already teach in the area where they reside.


Indicators of Impact and Outcome

The education department regularly surveys students who have completed our programs, and administrators at the schools where they are employed. These surveys provide valuable information about the perceived quality of our programs and the preparedness of our completers.

The education programs at Georgetown College are designed to help our students be successful and be able to complete their program in a reasonable timeframe. The undergraduate and graduate reports that follow show the percentage of students who complete their program and the number of semesters to completion.

The U.S. Department of Education, Title II Report provides trend information about the initial educator preparation programs at Georgetown College. Information provided includes programs offered, requirements for admission, enrollment, completion rates, and pass rates for tests required for teacher licensure. Reports are available for each of the last five years.

The New Teacher Survey provides information about how completers and key school personnel perceive the quality of the programs offered by Georgetown College’s Education Department. It includes the perceptions of student teachers, program completers, principals, resource teachers, and cooperating teachers.

Georgetown College’s online programs in graduate education continue to be ranked among the best in America. The 2018 U.S. News and World Report “Best Online Graduate Education Programs” ranks Georgetown College’s graduate education online programs at Number 101 out of 309 institutions evaluated. Georgetown College is one of only five Kentucky colleges and universities included among the top 100 nationally. It is one of only two private institutions in the Commonwealth among the top 100.

Data considered in the U.S. News evaluation include student engagement (35%), student services and technology (20%), faculty credential and training (15%), peer reputation (15%), and admissions selectivity (15%).

The Education Department offers programs for certified teachers and for students who do not yet have a teaching license. The Teacher Preparation Feedback Report (linked below) is produced by the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics and is updated annually. It provides completion, employment, and retention information for first-time teachers employed in public schools in Kentucky. These teachers comprise about one-quarter of the students who complete programs in Georgetown College’s education department. It does not include previously certified teachers who enrolled at Georgetown College to pursue advanced education.


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